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Cellulose Fibers in Paper Products

Information, education, news, and the economy-all these and more rely on a continuous supply of paper. Today's civilization could not function without paper products, from money and books to bags and newspapers.

Weyerhaeuser is a key supplier to the paper industry, providing kraft papergrade pulp that is ideal for a variety of applications. Some papers require surface uniformity, while others rely on opacity or tensile strength. Each of our grades has unique properties that make it suitable for a particular use.

Northern Kraft Softwood

Northern kraft softwood is shipped to our customers in bale form and is made up of thin-walled, flexible fibers that are easily refined and demonstrate superior reinforcement properties. Our Grande Prairie mill produces one of the finest softwood kraft products in North America. It is ideal for papermakers seeking superior tensile strength, sheet formation, surface smoothness, and opacity.

Southern Kraft Softwood

Southern kraft softwood is also a baled product. These fibers are longer and have thicker walls and greater fiber stiffness than northern softwoods. Southern softwood provides excellent reinforcement for papermaking applications.

Visit one of our cellulose fibers mills for specific information on our capabilities, or learn about the manufacturing of cellulose fibers.