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Weyerhaeuser operates in Brazil as the majority shareholder of Aracruz Produtos de Madeira (APM), a joint venture with Aracruz Cellulose.

Aracruz Cellulose, a Brazilian company, is the world's leading producer of bleached eucalyptus pulp. They are responsible for 27% of the global supply of this product, which is used to manufacture printing and writing, tissue, and high-value-added specialty papers.

Weyerhaeuser owns two-thirds of APM, which operates a high-tech sawmill in southern Bahia, supplying top-quality solid wood products made from eucalyptus plantation lumber to the furniture and interior design industries in Brazil and abroad. APM operates a sawmill near Mucurí, in the southern part of the state of Bahia.

Weyerhaeuser holds a log supply agreement with joint venture partner Aracruz on 20,000 hectares of plantation-grown eucalyptus. Aracruz's forestry operations are situated in the states of Espírito Santo, Bahia, Minas Gerais, and Rio Grande do Sul. They involve some 279,000 hectares of eucalyptus plantations, intermingled with around 154,000 hectares of native forest reserves, which are of fundamental importance for ensuring the balance of the ecosystem.

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Weyerhaeuser Latin America Montevideo, Uruguay Phone: 598.2.6234470

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Cont. Echevarriaza 3535 Torres Del Puerto APTO 1802 Montevideo CP, 11300

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