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Recreational Access

Weyerhaeuser manages millions of acres of commercial forests in the United States and Canada to supply the wood and paper products people need. We also work to protect habitat for fish and wildlife, water quality, scenic views and recreational opportunities.

In Canada, Weyerhaeuser operates primarily on public land through long-term lease. Public access on this land is controlled by provincial agencies. For information, contact the appropriate local agency in your area.

In the United States, Weyerhaeuser owns the land we manage. In some states, we allow public access to company land for recreational purposes when compatible with company operations. Some locations require access fees or leases. Other locations may be open during a portion of the year (such as hunting season) and some may not be open at all. Unfortunately, problems associated with illegal dumping, vandalism and damage to young seedlings have forced Weyerhaeuser to tighten restrictions regarding public access to our forests.