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Sustainable Forestry

Through sustainable forest management, Weyerhaeuser provides products that meet a wide range of human needs while preserving a healthy environment. As one of the world's largest owners and managers of softwood forests and a major purchaser of fiber and products derived from wood, we have both a responsibility and an economic interest in the long-term viability of forest resources.

We agree with a vision emerging among governments and nongovernmental organizations that the best way to sustain forest resources globally is through a balance of three approaches:

  • Protect one category of forests for biological diversity, recreation, and other social and environmental values.
  • Manage another category intensively to produce as much wood and fiber as possible while protecting the environment.
  • Manage a third category less intensively to maintain more natural qualities, both to meet global needs for wood and to sustain local communities.

All three categories are represented among the land in our care. We manage this land in compliance with internationally recognized standards of sustainable forestry, and independent auditors regularly inspect our management and certify our compliance. What's more, we do not operate in native tropical forests, and we do not purchase wood products from forests at risk.