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Christmas Tree Seedlings

Weyerhaeuser has been using its decades of forest seedling expertise to help Christmas tree growers across the United States make a faster, more successful start to their tree farms for over two decades. With Weyerhaeuser you're getting the latest seedling technology and research, and the tree you want when you want it, for the best results.

With an up-front order we will custom-grow any of the popular Christmas tree species that you might want for your farm, including the most prized Asian, European and North American varieties — and we'll use your seed or procure and prepare it for you if it's available (see Seed Services). We work with you to customize seedling growing regimes, sizes, grading and packaging options, so that you get the best overall value for your objectives.

In our Wholesale and Public Sales programs we also grow a 'market' inventory of many of the most popular species, sources and stock types for ready availability during planting season.

Our stock types range from two- and three-year-old, large and hardy bareroot seedlings, to container seedlings of plug sizes from 2 to 20 cubic inches. (For more information see Seedling Stock Types.)

Many of our container seedlings can be custom-grown for fall delivery. Because of our mild weather, we can lift your seedlings at the optimum time, and store them in peak condition until you need them. Learn more about our Decades of Innovation in seedling quality and handling.