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The Move Into Lumber

In its first decade, the company concentrated on buying land. But a growing country needed lumber. The prospective opening of the Panama Canal gave promise of new markets in the eastern states. To meet the demand, the company constructed the nation's first all-electric lumber mill in Everett, Washington, and built the Snoqualmie Falls lumber mill in the nearby Cascade Mountains. Weyerhaeuser was on its way to becoming the largest softwood lumber producer in the world.

Everett Mill B

Beginning production in 1915, the mill became Weyerhaeuser's principal supplier to East Coast markets.

Snoqualmie Falls Lumber Company

Beginning as a joint venture, this sawmill operated for more than 70 years.

First Commercial Real Estate Venture

The Tacoma Building, a joint venture with the Tacoma Commercial Club in 1911, would serve as corporate headquarters for 60 years.

Wood to Win a War

Spruce from Weyerhaeuser forests was used to build World War I airplanes. In addition, Weyerhaeuser lumber was used to build wooden ships and army barracks.

Spruce Production Division

The Army turned soldiers into loggers and moved into Weyerhaeuser forests to step up production of lumber for the war.