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Forest Learning Center at Mount St. Helens

The Forest Learning Center at Mount St. Helens is located just inside the blast zones of one of the most powerful volcanic eruptions in North America. Within months of the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens, Weyerhaeuser began planting 18 million seedlings in the aftermath. Today, those trees stand over 70-feet tall.

The center helps tell the unique story of the return of the forests on Mount St. Helens after the eruption and explains forest management practices and how trees grow. The center is a partnership between Weyerhaeuser, Washington State Department of Transportation, and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.


We welcome you to visit the Forest Learning Center and experience this unique story through exhibits, views, trails and a playground the entire family will enjoy!

The facility is open to the public from mid-May to October, free of charge. Please see our operating schedule for complete details.

During a visit, you can:
  • Walk through a life-like forest and experience the Eruption Chamber.
  • Learn about forest recovery, reforestation and conservation of forest resources.
  • See spectacular views of the mountain, elk and replanted forests.
  • Hike a short trail through the planted forest and learn about biodiversity.
  • Have fun on the volcano slide at the playground!


We invite you to browse our web site to learn more about the destruction and renewal, including our interactive sections that allow you to:

Last updated May 12, 2014