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Amenities and Exhibits at the Forest Learning Center


Disabled Access

Designed to accommodate disabled visitors except at forest trail. Wheelchairs are available at center.

Forest Trail

A one-mile hike, including a paved ¼-mile interpretive loop, through a forest replanted after the eruption.

Gift Shop

Wide selection of books, clothing, glassware and souvenirs.


Five outdoor picnic tables. No food service is available at the center. Snacks and beverages are sold in the gift shop.

Medical Services

First aid station inside center.


Volcano-theme play area designed for young children.


Elevated area with spectacular views of mountain, debris flow and elk herds inhabiting valley below.


The trees that we planted at Mount St. Helens continue to grow - and so does the story of renewable, sustainable forests. Exhibits at the Forest Learning Center illustrate how these forests are managed today to ensure that there will be forests in the future. Some of our most popular exhibits are:

The Forest That Was

Sights, sounds and "feel" of a forest at Mount St. Helens just moments before the eruption

Eruption Chamber

"You Are There" multi-media program lets you be an eyewitness to the blast

Salvage, Recovery and Reforestation

Explore the massive destruction caused by the eruption, and learn about the amazing return of plants, fish and wildlife

Virtual Chopper Tour

Sit in a helicopter cockpit and view Mount St. Helens and the surrounding landscapes

Forests Tomorrow

See how we manage forests to protect habitat and also provide products for future generations

Forests Always

Appreciate the resiliency of the forests at Mount St. Helens and the learning opportunities they offer us

Family Exhibits

Learn how seeds germinate, trees grow and plants photosynthesize, and practice forestry skills at the Forest Challenge exhibit

Last updated May 19, 2014