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Operation Diaper Drive

More than ever, diapers are as essential to families as food and housing. They are also one of the most requested items in food banks and shelters, largely because they are not covered by social assistance programs. Annually, our employees collect and distribute hundreds of thousands of diapers to organizations that support struggling families in communities across North America. We call it Operation Diaper Drive, our signature companywide event.


You can get behind this cause too and help us reach our goal of donating 1.3 million diapers in 2015.

Anyone can join us and Donate Now! to help babies in need.

DONATIONS 2012 2013 2014
Diapers from employees 352,423 570,464 993,941
Diapers from $ donations 56,983 59,920 112,720
Diapers from WY Giving Fund -- 117,500 117,500
TOTAL DIAPERS 409,406 747,884 1,224,161


It takes some logistics planning to distribute that many diapers! In our headquarters region, we teamed up with World Vision, a humanitarian non-profit based in Federal Way, Wash., to access their logistics and transportation expertise to deliver diapers to organizations in the region. In our operating communities across North America, we work with many other local non-profits to collect and distribute diapers to those who need them most.


One of the reasons this campaign works so well for Weyerhaeuser is that we know diapers. Our Cellulose Fibers business makes fluff pulp that is found in many diapers on store shelves today. Our scientists have developed proprietary methods for making fluff pulp more absorbent. Our foresters work to ensure the fiber used to make pulp is grown and harvested on a sustainable basis so that future generations will always be able to rely on trees to meet basic human needs. And our sales people are on the front lines of a growing diaper demand, not just in the U.S., but worldwide, especially in emerging economies like China and India. Operation Diaper Drive is a perfect fit for us, a perfect solution for our communities, and a perfect opportunity to inspire others to help alleviate this “crying need” for families.


Meet Jane and Natalie (2014) - Watch to find out how a mother struggles with making decisions about providing everyday basic needs for her baby Natalie.

Bring it for Kids (2013) - Watch this video to learn more about the impact our program is having for those in need.

How to Change a Diaper (2013) - Watch what happened when we asked some little kids to solve a diaper problem, and then Weyerhaeuser employees acted out the conversation.

Last updated March 3, 2015