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Green Building

Green building aims to increase energy and water efficiency, use less toxic materials and enhance occupant comfort. We believe wood products and green building go hand in hand. With us, building green doesn’t start at the job site — it starts in the forest. We optimize each tree by using proprietary manufacturing and design software technologies to create wood products that are environmentally responsible choices for green building.

Green building, like sustainable forestry, is guided by voluntary standards to which a project (or building) must verify compliance. Some green-building standards have been adopted by federal, state and local governments. Others are administered by homebuilding industry associations and other voluntary groups. We support voluntary, consensus-based green-building standards that incorporate life-cycle assessments and specify wood products from responsible and certified sources.


Independent life-cycle assessments show that wood requires less energy to produce — and provides better insulation from cold and heat — than steel and concrete. The Consortium for Research on Renewable Industrial Materials found that in a typical home, wood construction offers the following advantages:

  • wood requires 17 percent less energy and generates 26 percent less greenhouse gas emissions than steel
  • wood requires 16 percent less energy and generates 31 percent less greenhouse gas emissions than concrete

Learn more about this work in this factsheet.


Our wood products offer several solutions to meet the needs of builders committed to sustainable building, including products that are eligible for credits under major green-building standards and software and support services to help builders meet the requirements of these standards.

  • We promote innovative construction techniques, such as NextPhase Site Solutions, which can reduce job-site waste by up to 50 percent by optimizing design, material cuts and assembly. Builders using NextPhase can receive credits under major green-building standards, including the National Green Building Standard and LEED for Homes.
  • Our entire wood products line was the first to receive a “green” designation from Home Innovation Research Labs (formerly the National Association of Home Builders Research Center) and was certified in early 2009 for use under the National Green Building Standard. As this standard continues to grow in popularity, we are proud to have been one of its earliest supports and adopters.
  • We were the first manufacturer to have our entire wood products line independently certified by the ICC Evaluation Service under its innovative SAVE Program (Sustainable Attributes Verification and Evaluation).

Read the Product Environmental Profiles for some of our most popular wood products.

Last updated June 5, 2014