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Developing Our People


To build a sustainable workforce, we must develop a strong bench of leaders, at all levels, who can deliver extraordinary business results. We expect our leaders to:

  • Shape winning strategies
  • Drive change
  • Inspire for execution
  • Build partnerships
  • Develop tomorrow’s team
  • Deliver results

In 2013, we set a goal to improve our ratio of ready-now candidates to critical leadership positions. To help meet this goal, we rolled out a disciplined program to accelerate people development across the company. Our senior management team conducted a leadership capabilities review, which identified critical development needs, high-potential candidates, and mentoring opportunities.

We also made a number of senior-level leadership changes in 2013. We filled many of these roles with qualified internal candidates, but this rapid and extensive change left us with new gaps to fill at lower levels. For this reason, we are rating ourselves "below" in meeting our internal ratio metrics for ready-now candidates. In 2014, we are continuing our work to develop our leaders, including arming our people with skills to assess and develop talent and measuring and rewarding results achieved against specific people-development targets.


As work force demographics in North America continue to shift, it is critical for our long-term success that we excel at attracting and retaining diverse talent to help us deliver on our commitments to customers and shareholders. We do this by:

  • Cultivating a performance-driven culture that rewards results, with individual goals clearly tied to company and business-unit goals.
  • Providing regular candid feedback on performance, and ensuring employees have the tools they need to be successful.
  • Tying compensation to results achieved in alignment with our company vision, which focuses on operational excellence, people development, key behaviors and core values, including sustainability.
  • Providing strategic training and professional development opportunities to employees at all levels.
  • Providing a competitive pay and benefits package that addresses the needs of a multi-generational workforce.

In 2013, our recruiting activity continued to increase, with 2,000 hires (both new hires and rehires), an 11 percent increase compared with the previous year. We were well below our 8 percent voluntary turnover target with an almost 96 percent retention rate.


We measure the overall effectiveness of our work environment every two years through our companywide employee engagement survey. All employees have the opportunity to give honest feedback on questions about safety, training, ethics, work-team effectiveness, leadership effectiveness, company strategy, and overall satisfaction with Weyerhaeuser.

In 2013, with an 89 percent response rate, our results show we are maintaining or improving in all the categories we measure. Overall engagement was positive, with a score of 74 percent, up from 70 percent in 2011. Compared with a benchmark provided by the company that conducted our survey, our scores were higher than the 50th percentile based on questions common to other companies.

We believe the value of engagement surveys is captured largely at the team level, with leaders and employees working together to implement actions plans for improvement in specific areas. All our business and functional leaders are held accountable for identifying areas of strength and opportunity and implementing action plans to close gaps.

Last updated June 6, 2014