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A message from Doyle Simons, President and CEO

The first thing I did after joining this company was spend several weeks visiting our operations. I toured our facilities, met with employees and asked questions about what we do well and where we need to improve. I learned a lot.

I learned that Weyerhaeuser’s values are not just words on a page — our people really do live by them every day. I was impressed with the remarkable consistency I experienced when engaging with people across the company who spoke about our commitment to working safely, acting with integrity, being responsible stewards of the environment, and giving back to our operating communities.

I also learned that our people are highly talented, proud of our history and deeply committed to what we do. Like me, they want this company to be the very best it can be — what I call a truly great company that achieves great financial performance, is a great place to work, and a makes a great contribution to society. To get there, we must both build on our strengths and actively improve where we have gaps.

For me, this is the very definition of sustainability — focusing on the critical factors that will ensure our success, not just in the short term, but for decades to come. Sustainability should be, quite simply, the way we do business. But I understand it’s not enough to say we are sustainable; we must be able to prove it by setting the right goals and transparently reporting on our progress toward meeting them. This section of our website is dedicated to doing just that. For example, some of our recent accomplishments include:

We’re proud of these accomplishments, but our journey is not done. In fact, it will never be done, because the world is always changing and the bar is always rising for what it means to be sustainable — financially, socially and environmentally. My goal is to ensure Weyerhaeuser excels at meeting the needs and expectations of our critical stakeholders in all these areas, now and in the future.

Thank you for your interest in sustainability at Weyerhaeuser. After you've explored our report, please take a few moments to provide your feedback. Your input will help us become a truly great company.

Doyle R. Simons
President and CEO, Weyerhaeuser Company

Last updated August 19, 2013