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Employee Involvement

Our employees tell us they feel more energized and fulfilled when they spend time volunteering in their communities. In countless ways, they generously offer their skills, compassion and dedication to improve the world we live in. They are at the heart of our community engagement program and we are proud to support their efforts.

Our employees:

  • Serve on local Giving Fund advisory committees to ensure our charitable dollars have a direct impact and meet the unique needs of their communities.

  • Link their volunteer efforts with our formal giving program, making company contributions go further.

  • Help secure company grant money for the nonprofits and other organizations they serve through our WAVES program.

  • Take time to assist communities through the Disaster Relief Employee Volunteer Program.

  • Collect and donate diapers through our annual companywide Operation Diaper Drive.

Our WAVES Make Quite a Splash

From individual mentoring to building houses together, our employees are enthusiastic volunteers. We encourage and support their causes through our Weyerhaeuser Active Volunteer Employees program, also known as WAVES, honoring time for both team-based projects and individual service.

Sponsored by our Giving Fund, individuals or teams can apply for WAVES grants to support a broad range of social, environmental and economic organizations that employees volunteer for in their communities. This combination of funding and employee volunteerism strengthens local nonprofit and civic programs, helping to make them even more sustainable.

In 2012, 1,357 of our employees completed more than 164 service projects and contributed more than 31,820 volunteer hours through our WAVES program. As a result of their efforts, our Giving Fund awarded 164 WAVES grants of $1,000 to $5,000 to the organizations where they volunteered. Our employees were joined by retirees, family, and friends for many of these projects.

  2009 2010 2011 2012
Employee Volunteers 961 1,318 1,366 1,357
Employee Volunteer Hours 10,174 16,970 21,660 31,820
WAVES Projects 76 113 134 164
WAVES Grants Provided 89 113 135 164
Dollars Donated through WAVES Grants $139,000 $254,000 $302,000 $311,000

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Meeting basic needs becomes even more urgent when dealing with the aftermath of a natural disaster. Through the years we have responded by donating time, skills, cash and building products to help affected families and communities. Additionally, through our Disaster Relief Employee Volunteer Program, employees may take up to 80 hours per year of paid time off to help a Weyerhaeuser location or community affected by disaster. Employees volunteer with a qualified nonprofit agency or government agency that is actively working to assist the affected community.

In certain cases, employees may also partner with a qualified organization outside North America if Weyerhaeuser has formally declared support to the rebuilding efforts. In 2010, we made a commitment to assist with the rebuilding efforts in Haiti after the devastating hurricane. In 2012 and early 2013, 29 of our employees, along with 10 family members, traveled to Haiti to build homes. Learn more about our original financial commitment and rebuilding efforts on this blog post.


Each quarter, we award a special recognition to a Weyerhaeuser employee or team for their volunteer efforts and outstanding community service. We are fortunate to have so many employees who share their time and talents to help improve their communities. This award recognizes the best in Weyerhaeuser spirit while encouraging volunteerism and civic participation. Anyone can nominate a Weyerhaeuser employee volunteer by filling out and submitting this nomination form.

This is a competitive process. Please be sure your "story" is compelling and tells the selection committee why this person stands out. Remember, the selection committee could be hearing about your nominee, and his or her volunteer activities, for the first time. Here are some helpful things to consider:

  • How does this person's volunteer work benefit your local community?
  • Does this person take initiative? Is he or she innovative and creative in problem solving or finding solutions?
  • How does he or she inspire others?
  • Does he or she demonstrate selflessness and commitment to the project, program and to the community?
  • Is he or she committed for the long term?
  • All nominees must be active Weyerhaeuser employees.

Award recipients are announced at our quarterly companywide employee forums and a $1,000 WAVES grant is awarded to the nonprofit, school or civic organization of the recipient's choice.

Our 2012 Volunteers of the Quarter

Third Quarter 2012:

Dave Little, director, Corporate Finance, Pardee Homes , Los Angeles, CA
Dave is a reserve deputy sheriff with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department and a sworn peace officer assigned to the San Dimas Mountain Rescue Team. In 2011 alone, he gave SDMRT more than 700 volunteer hours and participated in many of the team's 60 search-and-rescue operations. In 2008, Little and his wife Marissa also partnered with the YMCA of Greater Long Beach to develop and run a nonprofit summer-camp program — called Our Own Family Camp — for families, like Dave and Marissa's, who have a child with Down syndrome. They both give countless hours to this camp and to the families.

Fourth Quarter 2012:

Russell Petrie, shift supervisor for Engineered Lumber Products, Annacis Island, B.C.
Russell's volunteer activities include raising awareness and educating others on the importance of donating blood. He has donated blood since the age of 18 and, in July of 2011, cruised through his 100th visit to a blood donation center. In addition, he serves as a Big Brother to three Vancouver-area youngsters, is a long-time volunteer with the Campbell Valley Equestrian Society, and coordinates the Parallam plant's United Way campaign

Story Image
Michael Sekely enjoys recess with a friend.
Building more than houses
Weyerhaeuser volunteers get back as much as they give Haiti

Temperatures on the jobsite peaked at 123 degrees. Then Tropical Storm Sandy brought knee-deep mud. All around was relentless poverty, and the 12-hour work days included encounters with giant spiders.

So why is Mike Sekely beaming?

"I feel like a new me since spending time in Haiti," says Sekely, one of 14 company volunteers who recently helped build Weyerhaeuser-designed homes near Port-au-Prince. "It was far more humbling and rewarding than I ever expected."

Sekely, director of operations for Wood Products' Distribution business, had never volunteered offshore before. Then he learned about the opportunity to work on the Haiti building project as a Disaster Relief Employee Volunteer. It's a Weyerhaeuser-sponsored program that allows employees to take time off with pay to help during a disaster.

"I heard Glyn Boone was deeply involved in the project and I signed up," he said. "It was a no-brainer. How could anyone not like Glyn Boone?"

Immediate relief, long-term help
Readers will recall Boone as lead designer of Weyerhaeuser's Haiti reconstruction project. The Wood Products business had pledged $250,000 to help after the devastating earthquake of 2010.

"When it first happened, we offered immediate emergency relief," says Boone, a senior engineer for Wood Products. "But our long-term goal was to help build durable housing using our expertise in design and construction."

Boone set to work designing structurally sound homes to withstand the island's humidity, hurricanes and earthquakes. Meanwhile the Wood Products relief team formed a partnership with Nehemiah Vision Ministries, a Haitian organization that offers health care, training and education. The homes would be built on the NVM campus, which includes a medical clinic, school, children's home and church, as well as a hospital under construction.

After Boone finalized plans with a project manager in Haiti, three containers of Weyerhaeuser building materials arrived March 2012 in Port-au-Prince, where they languished for some time under mountainous red tape.

In October, the 14 Weyerhaeuser volunteers, including friends and family, along with 16 members of Boone's church — Wheatland Presbyterian in Lancaster, Penn. — arrived in Haiti.

Building the bèl kay
Boone and a close friend and architect, Joshua Kiehl, had designed five NVM buildings to house visiting interns and medical staff who offer the organization's services. Despite difficult working conditions and another delay in the delivery of materials, the team completed two homes in two weeks while training Haitians in constructions skills.

"During the second week, our workforce multiplied," says Boone. "We started working with five Haitians on staff at NVM. They loved the opportunity to learn and participate in building the bèl kay, or beautiful house as they called it."

Building houses and relationships
"Each day during the school's recess, we were asked to set our tools down and play with the kids," Sekely says. "So this little guy runs to me, grabs my leg and, in Creole, asks my nom. We high-fived, I picked him up and carried him on my back around the playground until we were laughing and sweating so hard we had to stop."

"Relationships mean everything to the people," Boone adds. "They were more interested in who you were than what you were doing. We all loved the interactions."

"Our group spent a lot of time reflecting on the experience," Sekely says. "We were awed by the joy we saw and how the people we met were so happy with so little. We talked about how Haiti had changed us. It really made us think about what we could do in our own communities when we got back home."

Another volunteer team will depart Jan. 26 to complete the remaining homes. The 2012 team included Glyn Boone and son Peter and daughter Elizabeth; Cornelia Sprung and friend Bob Boyle; Jeff Roos and daughter Danica; Lana Bru; Chris Rowe; Ashley Nordlund, Bertha Villalobos; David Graham and son Nick; and Mike Sekely.

Story Image
The Little family: Hayden, Dave, Marissa and Sadie
Little reward
Pardee employee is devoted to his community in a big way

When Dave Little isn't working for Pardee Homes, he's a sworn peace officer assigned to the San Dimas Mountain Rescue Team. In just the last few weeks, he's taken part in the rescues of two stranded climbers and two injured hikers and helped recover the bodies of two others. He's also responded to an over-the-side car accident off a steep canyon road.

In his 10th year as reserve deputy sheriff with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, he's on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and he regularly trains for emergencies such as wildfire evacuations, swiftwater incidents, missing children, downed aircraft and medical emergencies as an EMT. In 2011 alone, he gave SDMRT more than 700 volunteer hours and participated in many of the team's 60 search-and-rescue operations.

In addition, he's used his own money and an iWAVE grant from the Weyerhaeuser Giving Fund to pay for equipment, uniforms and a utility trailer for the San Dimas team, one of the most active volunteer search-and-rescue units in the U.S.

"Dave is selfless in his contributions to the team," says his commanding officer, Sgt. Joe McDonald. "I get paid to do my job, but Dave is all about giving!"

Volunteer of the Quarter
At this morning's employee forum, Little, who's Pardee's director of corporate finance, was named Weyerhaeuser's first Employee Volunteer of the Quarter. He was chosen from an impressive group of 18 employee nominees who are selflessly dedicated to making their communities better places to live and work.

"All of us at Pardee Homes," says Mike McGee, Pardee president and CEO, "take pride in this recognition of Dave's extraordinary commitment to giving back and being of service to his community."

"Dave brings that same sense of dedication and service to his work in the Finance Department at Pardee," adds Tony Dolim, senior vice president of finance and accounting and Little's manager. "He's a valued member of Team Pardee."

The Employee Volunteer of the Quarter honor comes with a $1,000 Giving Fund grant to the recipient's choice of nonprofit, school or civic organization that's within Making WAVES grant restrictions. Four years ago, Little and his wife Marissa partnered with the YMCA of Greater Long Beach to develop a nonprofit summer-camp program — called Our Own Family Camp — for families, like Dave and Marissa's, who have a child with Down syndrome. In 2009, Our Own Family Camp in Big Bear, Calif., hosted 70 campers; last year the total had grown to 138.

Much of that growth came from "scholarships" that made attendance easier for families already bearing added costs of a special-needs child. Little, his wife and the YMCA have focused on fund-raising to provide these scholarships, and this year will welcome more than 150 campers.

He's asked that the $1,000 Giving Fund grant go to Our Own Family Camp.

"I'm shocked yet honored to receive the Volunteer of the Quarter award," says Little. "Our success has come through the donations of people who support what we do, and the generous grant associated with this volunteer award will allow us to send an additional 10 kids or another three to four families to camp. We received another scholarship request just last night when I got home from work, so we'll be able to put this grant to immediate use in the community.

"Thanks, Weyerhaeuser."

Story Image
In July of 2011, Volunteer of the Quarter Russell Petrie cruised through his 100th visit to his blood donation center. Petrie has given blood since the age of 18.
Blood, Sweat, No Tears
Some volunteers are all heart. Russell Petrie's all vein

Blood donor Russell Petrie has given whole blood and platelets since he was 18 years old. After 116 visits to the donation center, he knows his circulatory system better than most of us know our way to work. He knows more about corpuscles than a Carpathian Count.

But it wasn't just his willingness to open a blood vessel that won Petrie recognition as Weyerhaeuser's most recent Employee Volunteer of the Quarter. In fact, there's lots more to the shift supervisor at the Annacis Island, B.C., Parallam plant.

During the last 11 years, he's been a Big Brother to three Vancouver-area youngsters, spending time at least once a week for movies, floor hockey, Christmas shopping, or just talking about issues that come up in young boys' lives.

Petrie's also a long-time volunteer with the Campbell Valley Equestrian Society. He began years ago doing chores such as cutting the grass around the regional horse park's cross-country jumps. Before long, he'd worked his way up to a seat on the board of directors, improving safety and maintenance for the operation and managing the massive logistics for an annual three-day jumping and dressage event.

He's helped organize the Parallam plant's United Way campaign since 2007. He's participated in campaign direction-setting, organized contests and information sessions — even helping with off-shift presentations. He's helped increase United Way donations by about 25 percent during that time.

"Russell has a kind heart and a good soul," says Lana Bru, area finance and planning manager. "He's a great leader here at Weyerhaeuser as well as in the community."

When his mother-in-law was finishing up chemotherapy in 2008, distance-runner Petrie got involved with Team In Training to raise funds for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. He's run and walked marathons and half-marathons, raising $12,000 for the cause. He's also been a Team In Training fundraising mentor and coach, helping other participants train for their marathons and raise money.

"Russell has many priorities in his life," says Bill Paul, HR manager at Annacis Island. "He manages his own farm, does his shift work at the mill, but still finds time to volunteer. When we went from four shifts to three with the economic downturn, Russell was laid off, unfortunately. Still, he came back during his layoff to help collect United Way pledge forms and make sure the campaign came off without a hitch. He's amazing."

Volunteer of the Quarter
Petrie was honored at this morning's companywide employee forum. He was selected from a group of 17 employee-candidates who were nominated by coworkers or nonprofit representatives as individuals who are selflessly dedicated to their communities.

The Employee Volunteer of the Quarter honor comes with a $1,000 Giving Fund grant to the recipient's choice of nonprofit, school or civic organization that's within Making WAVES grant restrictions. Petrie has asked that the $1,000 Giving Fund grant go to the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of Canada.

"I'm thankful that my Weyerhaeuser job has enabled me to volunteer as much as I have," he says. "Because my parents were active in community service — my Dad with Big Brothers and Little League, my Mom has volunteered at a diabetes clinic for 21 years — I don't even have to think about whether or not I'll help out. It's kind of like breathing in that way.

"It's a moment in the spotlight, of course, and I'm enjoying that. It's also caused me to reflect on my volunteer work, and that's brought back great memories.

"The Volunteer of the Quarter recognition is a real honor. It makes me want to do even more."

Last updated July 3, 2013