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Training and Development

The success of any organization relies on the success of its people. To develop a culture of continuous personal growth we are committed to regular training and development for our employees. The following are just some of the ways we empower our talent through professional development:

  • Cross-functional flexibility
  • Education assistance for career-related studies
  • Executive mentoring
  • Individual Development Plans
  • Leadership programs
  • Mentoring programs


As part of our performance management plan system, employees are expected to create individual development plans. These plans help ensure:

  • Employees acquire the skills, knowledge and capacity to achieve their performance goals.
  • Employees develop professionally to be able to seize opportunities to expand or change their roles.
  • Weyerhaeuser can grow the talent pipeline for critical roles.

Employees are expected to own their performance and their careers. They are accountable for developing and executing their Individual Development Plans.

Leaders are expected to:

  • Identify development needs
  • Provide input and insight to employees
  • Foster a learning environment
  • Monitor growth and direction
  • Manage resources and cost
  • Seek opportunities for development

We provide presentations, worksheets and a comprehensive website to help employees and leaders create meaningful individual development plans that set focused targets with realistic timelines.


As our aging workforce begins to retire, it’s more critical than ever that we develop a strong bench of leaders who can deliver superior results for the company. In 2012, Weyerhaeuser’s board of directors asked a subset of our top leaders to accelerate our ability to develop leaders by creating a strategic, disciplined and sustainable program to be rolled out in 2013.

The team moved quickly to assess our current programs, benchmark other companies, and implement a comprehensive strategy for developing Weyerhaeuser leaders who excel at:

  • Shaping winning strategies
  • Driving change
  • Inspiring for execution
  • Building partnerships
  • Developing tomorrow’s team
  • Delivering results.

In November 2012, the team met with Weyerhaeuser’s top 100 leaders to solicit feedback on the plan, make adjustments to the program, develop rollout materials, and begin implementation. Our senior management team reviews our progress against leadership development targets monthly. We rated ourselves “exceeds” for this category.


Nearly every employee at Weyerhaeuser receives some training each year. Opportunities vary by site and type of employee. For managers, we provide targeted training such as entry-level supervision, personal effectiveness and advanced leadership capability. Hourly employees typically participate in one to two days of training per year, usually focused on safety, technical and operational skills.

In 2012, we delivered 35 enterprise-wide courses, 7 business or region-wide courses, and 121 online or virtual courses, resulting in:

  • 7,246 student days of education
  • 12,576 employees taking at least one classroom or online-based course

We offer online training modules on more than 60 topics regarding environment, health and safety. All employees participate in ethics training on a regular basis.

Other training-related resources include tuition assistance, which is offered to employees who want to further their education in areas that meet company needs. The company also encourages mentoring.

Sustainability Training & Communication

As part of our 2020 sustainability goals, all employees are expected to complete sustainability training by the end of 2013. The objectives of the training are to help employees understand:

  • What sustainability means to Weyerhaeuser
  • The main elements of our sustainability strategy
  • How sustainability connects to our vision and business strategies
  • How they can help support our sustainability goals

The training includes a message from our president and CEO, text and narration explaining our strategy and how it’s integrated into how we operate as a company, and real-life examples of how decisions related to sustainability are made in our day-to-day work environment.

As of February 2013, 4,165 employees had completed the training.

Providing training is just one way we help employees understand our sustainability strategy and their role in helping to achieve our goals. We have made a number of changes to our communications program to help integrate sustainability into the every-day work experience for employees. For example, we:

  • Launched a new company vision and sustainability internal website with resources such as PowerPoint presentations, summary documents, sustainability commitments and metrics, awards and recognition, key message placemats and training.
  • Reorganized our business and functional dashboards (documents that track critical annual performance metrics) to incorporate people, performance and planet targets, with particular emphasis on elevating visibility for planet goals.
  • Used our quarterly video webcast employee forums to showcase how people from around the company are contributing to our performance, people and planet goals in their every-day jobs.
  • Revamped our online internal news center to include a sustainability graphic for each story that demonstrates how the content connects to our sustainability strategy.
  • Organized our YouTube website into performance, people and planet channels to demonstrate how our video content connects to our sustainability strategy.

Last updated November 11, 2013