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We are committed to continuously improving how we manage our forests, conserve natural resources, and reduce waste and pollution. Like you, we want to ensure everyone can enjoy abundant forests, sustainable lifestyles and a healthy planet far into the future. We also believe all wood products should come from forests and manufacturers using sustainable practices.


Forest certification recognizes and confirms responsible forest management. It does this by setting out guidelines and expectations for how forestland should be managed. The standards are based on science and developed with input from social, environmental and economic interests. Certified forest land owners and managers verify they meet the standards through independent, third-party audits.

We strongly support the sustainable forest management standard of the Sustainable Forest Initiative®. All our timberlands in the U.S. and Canada are certified to SFI. With more than 200 million acres certified, SFI is the single largest forest certification standard in the world. We’ve chosen SFI because it allows us to offer a reliable supply of high-quality, certified products from well-managed forests at competitive prices. Read more about our forest certification program, including our support of the American Tree Farm System and the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification.

We often receive questions about our ability to certify according to the Forest Stewardship Council. We use the FSC standard where it makes business sense (such as in Uruguay), but FSC’s standards are variable and generally not economically feasible where we own and manage forests. Read more about our support of multiple certification programs and our overall certification strategy.

Wood Fiber and Products

In addition to forest management, certification includes the complete supply chain from sourcing wood fiber to delivering products like lumber, books or diapers.

  • Wood Fiber: Our certification to the SFI Certified Sourcing standard demonstrates that all our wood originates from legal and responsible sources. Read more about our certified sourcing commitments.
  • Products: Many of our customers want to use a label to describe the relationship between the products they sell and certified forests. We provide this information through our chain of custody certification.

Last updated July 3, 2013