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Wood Procurement Policy

It is our policy to work to ensure we and our sources comply with the law and do not cause or encourage destruction of forest areas at risk of loss from unsustainable practices. These areas are identified in guidelines issued under our Wood Procurement Policy, and include remaining natural forest in biodiversity hotspots and major tropical wilderness areas, defined as areas outside North America identified in Conservation International's conservation strategies as of July 1, 2002.

Within the regions in which we and our sources operate, we work with governments, environmental nongovernmental organizations, indigenous peoples and communities to identify and help protect forest areas that are priorities for conservation. In the United States and Canada, we also operate in conformance with the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® standard. When operations using the SFI standard are procuring externally sourced logs and chips for use in our manufacturing and chipping facilities or by our log customers, we operate in compliance with SFI's procurement principles and objectives.

This policy applies to all our employees accountable for harvesting or purchasing wood-based raw materials for resale or for use in our mills, including logs, chips, pulp and veneer, and for purchasing products for distribution. The SFI procurement provisions apply to employees accountable for purchasing logs and chips in operations covered by the SFI standard.

A few of the highlights in our policy include:

  • We will not knowingly purchase wood, wood fiber, or products for distribution that originate from illegal logging We will not harvest or purchase wood, wood fiber, or products for distribution from forest areas at risk of loss as described in guidelines issued under this standard, unless the sources have been independently certified or verified as well managed.

  • We will exercise due care to ensure that its sources meet this standard, including the use of third-party certification and other credible and transparent safeguards in countries lacking effective laws against illegal logging. We may, at our discretion, continue to work with sources that demonstrate their ability to come into compliance with this standard within an agreed-upon period of time.

Read our full Wood Procurement Policy, including detailed implementation guidelines, here.

Last updated July 3, 2013