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Customers who make diapers and other absorbent products — such as bedpads, feminine hygiene supplies and pet liners — rely on the quality of our products for softness, strength, and absorbency.

Our pulp provides:

  • Rapid fluid acquisition and distribution
  • Effective retention of super-absorbent polymers
  • Superior absorbency and wicking
  • Reliably high fiberization quality
  • A strong absorbent core structure


  • Untreated Fluff Pulps: Optimized for fiberization to provide outstanding performance in baby diapers, incontinence products and other absorbent products, as well as nonwovens.
  • Debonded Fluff Pulps: Chemically treated for improved formation and throughput while delivering product softness for specialty applications such as feminine hygiene products and air-laid nonwovens.
  • Differentiated Fluff Pulps: Designed for applications with specific absorbency, processing or product design requirements.
  • Specialty Grades: Produced for specialized products such as cellulose derivatives, textiles, and materials enhancements.

Our global team is ready to serve you

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We operate one of the most sophisticated forest products research and development centers in North America. Our talented team of scientists, engineers and technicians conduct real-world product testing, help customers navigate technical challenges, and explore new uses for cellulose fibers. They work closely with technical experts at all of our mills to provide customers with:

  • Innovation to bring new products, new features and new ideas to market
  • Education about processing of pulp products, absorbent product design and manufacturing, equipment optimization and laboratory testing
  • Assistance with customer trials to improve product and process performance
  • Machine troubleshooting and optimization, including full analysis of runnability factors such as pulp parameters and fiberizer operation
  • Pilot plant capability (hammermill and pocket former)
  • Support in analyzing both raw pulp and absorbent products for performance, consistency and quality

We are actively developing new products and will partner closely with you to meet your needs for improved product differentiation in the marketplace.


Our products are your raw materials and timely delivery is crucial for your business. So whether shipping global or local, our job isn’t done until an order arrives as promised.

Our logistics experts work with carriers to ensure cost-effective, damage-free, on-time delivery around the world.

  • Global: We leverage our scale in the global ocean shipping markets to obtain the highest levels of service.
  • North America: We leverage our long-term relationships with both rail and trucking providers to select the best options for efficient, timely delivery.