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Investing in Talent: An Intro to Wood Products

Last month I attended the Wood Products Intern and New Hire event, geared at helping those new to Weyerhaeuser learn more about the company values, products and our mission of sustainability. With a modest tenure of less than two months, I had (and still have) quite a bit to learn about the wood industry and how Weyerhaeuser brings products to market. But I left with more than just product knowledge—I felt a keen sense of pride and excitement at the prospect of building my career at Weyerhaeuser. ... Read More
September 30th 2013

Enhanced Weyerhaeuser Learning portal can save time and build success

Order taker or order maker, which are you? The market is improving but will not likely return to a heyday, and your customers will demand suppliers with the knowledge and expertise to help them succeed. Sure, they still want to go golfing, but first, their businesses must be successful. So is it time to elevate your game and charge up your sales skills, or those of your team? Need an easy way to pick up technical training that’ll boost your career? Check out the recent improvements and additions to Weyerhaeuser Learning. ... Read More
September 30th 2013

Weyerhaeuser OSB Expands With New Hires, Fun Promos, and Innovations

Innovative new products, a growing sales team, and a strengthening market are providing a strong boost for Weyerhaeuser’s OSB business this summer and fall. Customers will experience even more benefits in the form of exciting promos, continued product improvements and innovations, and more on-the-ground support. ... Read More
September 24th 2013

TJ® Insulated Rim Board - Two Dealer Perspectives

It’s been a year since Weyerhaeuser introduced the TJ® Insulated Rim Board in Western Canada. As part of the product anniversary, we checked in with two dealers to better understand how TJ Insulated Rim Board is being accepted and used by their regional builders: Tim Van Natter with Home Hardware in Grande Prairie, and Curtis Haxby with Bold Manufacturing in Plamondon, Alberta. ... Read More
September 18th 2013

EasyPack Saw Increases Dealer Capacity

The latest in pre-cut saw technology has arrived: the EasyPack™ saw solution. Part of NextPhase® Site Solutions by Weyerhaeuser, EasyPack is a saw that enables dealers to provide pre-cut bundles of TJI® joists to their customers. The EasyPack saw is the simplest of four saws that automate precision-cutting, and optimize material lists against a dealer’s current inventory using Javelin® and Stellar® software. To see a side-by-side comparison of all four saws, see the Saw Features brochure. ... Read More
September 15th 2013