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The Short Story about a Long Wall

This short story is about a long wall, and how a little creative problem solving – along with the unique features and design properties of Trus Joist® TimberStrand® laminated strand lumber (LSL) – lead to cost efficiency for a Canadian builder. ... Read More
October 23rd 2013

Engineered Diaphragms and TJI® Joists

Demands on prefabricated wood I-joists in engineered buildings extend to more than just gravity requirements. Seismic and wind lateral forces induce diaphragm shear interactions that the engineer of record needs to evaluate when specifying I-joists in light-framed diaphragm applications. In this post, I’ll provide some background on I-joist diaphragms and detailed information on the use of our TJI joists in engineered diaphragms. ... Read More
October 18th 2013

Open Space, Custom Touches Highlight Hayward & Co.'s Hemlock Brook House

Mike and Julie Hayward specialize in custom-designed log and timber homes, so the decision to build Hemlock Brook, a four-bedroom spec house for the New Hampshire Parade of Homes, was a departure from their usual routine. But while the approach was different, the house is replete with the custom touches, exposed wood, and unique character that have made Hayward & Company a household name in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire. ... Read More
October 18th 2013

Weyerhaeuser Distribution to Relocate Stockton, Calif., Operations

Over the course of the fourth quarter, Weyerhaeuser Distribution’s Stockton, Calif., operations will relocate to a new site seven miles away. The move will consolidate two existing facilities, boosting efficiencies and streamlining operations. The new facility also is convenient to major north-south transportation lanes and accommodates up to five box railcars—three more than previously allowed. ... Read More
October 17th 2013

Learning and Earning

Building relevant knowledge is always a benefit of hard work when it comes to any training.  However, getting something back never hurts either!  In Q4 of 2013, the Weyerhaeuser Software Support and Training team will be piloting its Weyerhaeuser Learning Rewards concept.  Weyerhaeuser Learning Rewards is a program aimed at giving back to students who pursue continued education in conjunction with the Weyerhaeuser Learning management system.  ... Read More
October 16th 2013