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Complex Roof Made Easy with Pre-Cut JobPack® Framing

John Phillips of JP Construction was the builder for the project. John first used NextPhase JobPack framing on a floor to reduce labor costs and cycle time. By taking it to the roof system, savings are amplified as framing complexity becomes greater. ... Read More
December 30th 2013

Year in review: the top 10 posts from 2013

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December 27th 2013

Christmas Tree Harvesting... by Helicopter?

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December 19th 2013

National Code Change? Wood Use in Mid-rise Structures

The wood mid-rise market segment continues to grow and gain acceptance. According to the Canadian Wood Council, in British Columbia alone, there are 244 mid-rise buildings in various stages of design or construction. As such, the National Building Code of Canada (NBCC) is considering a code modification to allow for wood-framed structures up to six storeys tall. ... Read More
December 17th 2013

Digital Calendar: January 2014

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December 17th 2013