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Digital Calendar: March 2014

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February 28th 2014

DIY Live Features Hot Products From IBS and KBIS

Master Builder Karl Champley was a busy man during the International Builders’ Show and the Kitchen & Bath Show Feb. 4-6. As host of radio program DIY Live, Champley scoured the show floors for new products and the latest trends to showcase on his weekly broadcast. Weyerhaeuser had the pleasure of meeting with Champley during the show to chat about the benefits and sustainability of engineered lumber. ... Read More
February 27th 2014

Tall Walls Add Space to Rustic Pennsylvania Home

Lee Calisti’s customers faced a familiar challenge: growing family, too little space. But for this Pennsylvania couple, moving on wasn’t an option. The rustic, log-sided cabin they shared, once a bachelor pad, was home—cozy, personal and authentic. They turned to Calisti to expand the living area without forsaking its character. ... Read More
February 24th 2014

Microllam LVL Archway Adds Visual Pop to Renovated Office Building

Change driven by inspiration is a fact of life in construction. And sometimes, the right building product can minimize any construction delays such changes would otherwise cause. ... Read More
February 14th 2014

TJI® Joist Reactions, Web Stiffeners Requirements & Forte® Software Analysis

The need for and the correct use of web stiffeners with TJI® joists is a common question. A web stiffener may be required to provide one or more functions. When properly installed, web stiffeners increase joist reaction capacity by diverting a portion of the reaction load away from the web-flange joint and into the flange. ... Read More
February 12th 2014