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Digital Calendar: August 2014

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July 31st 2014

2015 International Residential Code Brings Big Changes to Decking

The 2015 edition of the International Residential Code brings the biggest update of deck codes the IRC has ever seen. We asked Glenn Mathewson, a municipal building inspector and deck construction expert based in Colorado, to provide an overview of some of the biggest changes: ... Read More
July 31st 2014

Using Engineered Wood in 2-hour Fire Resistance Wall Construction

With the recent increase in multifamily construction, we are seeing more instances where 2-hour rated walls are required. This leads to questions concerning how to properly frame the intersection of the floor and wall assembly. 2-hour fire rated walls are required in some buildings based on Table 601 and 602 of the International Building Code. The expectation is that fire protection extends through the rim location of the floor assembly. Some typical locations you will see a 2-hour fire rated wall requirements include mechanical shafts, elevator cores, stair ways, and exterior load bearing walls. ... Read More
July 25th 2014

Weyerhaeuser Distribution’s Fresno Location Marks 35 Years of Stellar Service

This week Weyerhaeuser Distribution’s Fresno, Calif., facility will celebrate its 35th anniversary supplying building materials to dealers across Central and Northern California. ... Read More
July 15th 2014

Scott's Story of Differentiating his Business

Scott Augusta runs Falmouth Lumber, a family-owned and operated building materials yard in Falmouth, MA. He learned the business from his father and now runs the place with his brothers and sisters. ... Read More
July 15th 2014