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Weyerhaeuser Distribution Offers Free Siding and Trim Installation Videos

Weyerhaeuser Distribution has released a three-part video series, “Better Building Practices: Installing Exterior Siding and Trim.” These short videos outline best practice strategies for long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing siding and trim installation. Hosted by Gary Katz, a well-known speaker, author, and educator in the residential construction industry, each video zeroes-in on the proven tactics for selecting, cutting, hanging, and nailing siding and trim. ... Read More
September 24th 2014

Digital Calendar: October 2014

... Read More
September 24th 2014

Raised Home—and Renewed Hopes—in the Wake of Sandy

When the clouds cleared and the waves subsided following Superstorm Sandy in October 2012, the Santos family found itself picking up the pieces alongside many of its Point Pleasant, N.J., neighbors. ... Read More
September 22nd 2014

Javelin Software v5.2 is available!

Want to be the fastest draw in the west? Get Javelin software v5.2 and leave everyone else in your dust!! OK, so maybe you won’t be that quick, but this new release is packed with enhancements that put more information at your fingertips and make drawing jobs faster. It will make your job easier and enable you to get more done in less time. ... Read More
September 15th 2014

Comparing Trus Joist® Parallam® PSL and Commodity 24F-V4 Glued Laminated Timber

Trus Joist® Parallam® PSL and commodity 24F-V4 glued laminated timbers (glulam) are often thought of as interchangeable; however, these two beam technologies have distinct differences which are important to understand when specifying beam material. This technical blog highlights the advantages of using Parallam PSL over commodity 24F-V4 glulam for beam, header and column applications. ... Read More
September 9th 2014