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Digital Calendar: November 2014

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October 30th 2014

Color, Curb Appeal Drive Siding Trends

As housing continues its slow-but-steady rebound and remodeling heats back up, the market for siding products is doing the same. The Freedonia Group predicts demand for siding to increase 7.1% annually through 2018. ... Read More
October 23rd 2014

What’s Under the Floors of Your Home—and Why It Matters

If I were to ask you about your floors, you might tell me about the plush carpeting in the bedrooms, the sleek hardwood in the living room and the ceramic tile in the kitchen. ... Read More
October 20th 2014

A Mass Timber Revolution?

Over the last few years, one topic has captured more attention with engineers, architects and wood enthusiasts worldwide than any other: Cross Laminated Timber (CLT). CLT is often described as plywood on steroids because it is made by gluing alternating layers of lumber together to make a thick panel, much like the layers of veneer in plywood. ... Read More
October 14th 2014