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Specification of Metal Connectors with Parallam® PLUS

When using metal connectors with Parallam® Plus, the designer needs to consider the load on the connector, the chemical used to treat the beam and the service level to select the appropriate hanger. ... Read More
December 15th 2015

How to Control Moisture During & After Framing

Weyerhaeuser Edge™ and Edge Gold™ subfloor panels are engineered for strength and stability. But like any wood product, engineered panels are susceptible to moisture ... Read More
November 17th 2015

6 Common Railing Installation Mistakes—and How to Avoid Them

Today, choices abound for deck railing systems that coordinate, complement or even stand out from the deck itself. Numerous options for material, color, size and style allow dealers and their customers to truly distinguish their deck projects. And with many manufacturers providing all-inclusive packages, installing railing systems is easier than ever. ... Read More
November 10th 2015

Simple Steps to Ensure Safety of Existing Decks

Much discussion goes into building decks to be as safe as possible—and for good reason. But deck safety doesn’t stop after the last nail is driven. Homeowners should be conscious of regular inspection and maintenance strategies to ensure decks are and remain structurally sound, and of course continue to look their best. ... Read More
November 3rd 2015

Weyerhaeuser Distribution Adds Gossen PURE-Eco Millwork, Decking

Weyerhaeuser Distribution’s Atlanta and Charlotte, N.C., locations are now offering Gossen® millwork and decking products. Crafted from 100% cellular PVC, the products provide attractive, durable and low-maintenance options for eye-catching home exteriors. Manufactured with deep UV protection, Gossen’s new 30-year warranty provides protection against fade and stain. ... Read More
October 30th 2015