Princeton, BC, Timberlands Team Helps Students Plant 225 Trees and an Early Connection to Forestry

On May 16, our Princeton, British Columbia, Timberlands team headed out to the woods to plant 225 seedlings with 45 eager young volunteers from local schools as part of National Forest Week in Canada. ... Read More
August 28, 2023

New Fiber-Sourcing Website Provides Insight Into a Wood Product’s Sustainable Journey From the Forest

A new website offers the public deeper insight than ever before into what’s happening in the forests where a wood product originated in the United States. Produced by the American Wood Council and launched this April, the new site ( will help Weyerhaeuser and other forest products companies bring increased transparency to our fiber supply chain and its environmental sustainability practices. ... Read More
August 11, 2023

Tim Tadlock Finds the Perfect Fit With a Move to Michigan

In the last six years, Tim Tadlock has lived in three very different states: Oklahoma, Montana and Michigan. With the most recent move — to take on the role of environmental manager at our OSB plant in Grayling, Michigan — he says he’s found the perfect fit for advancing his career. ... Read More
August 9, 2023

Nature Nurtured in North Carolina

In March, our North Carolina Timberlands team made a significant contribution to the state’s natural heritage, voluntarily adding 1,600 acres of our timberlands to the state’s prestigious Registry of Natural Heritage Areas. The land added to the registry spans six counties in the Coastal Plains region and is home to various rare and endangered species. ... Read More
June 29, 2023

Saline River Crossing Removal Benefits Fish, Wildlife and Recreationists in Arkansas

Removing a damaged crossing on Arkansas’ Saline River this past December was one of those projects that’s a win all around: For Weyerhaeuser, for the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission (AGFC), for the Arkansas Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Division (NRD), for recreationists and for aquatic species. ... Read More
June 19, 2023