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Case Study: Feeding Hungry Kids

When employees at our distribution center in Phoenix set a goal, they like to go above and beyond meeting it. In October 2015, they demonstrated this in spades when they held a fundraiser for the Valley of the Sun United Way chapter. 

Their goal was to raise $3,000 to help feed hungry kids. When the campaign ended two weeks later, they had collected $5,372. With around 30 employees, the average individual donation came to more than $300. 

All of our distribution centers do community service work as part of our health and safety programs. Employee donors here chose to help local kids whose families struggle to afford food. 

After such a rousing success, it’s little surprise that the Phoenix team is already looking ahead to the next fundraiser. They’re also looking into other volunteer opportunities with United Way, such as packing food bags for kids and similar hands-on experiences. 


Feeding hungry kids story photo.jpg