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Case Study: Meeting Basic Needs

From 2012 through 2015, our employee volunteers donated more than 4 million diapers to families in need. Dubbed "Operation Diaper Drive," we worked with humanitarian nonprofit groups to distribute the collected diapers to those most in need.

Trees are nature’s factories and one output from trees is pulp. Our foresters work to ensure the fiber from trees used to make pulp is grown and harvested on a sustainable basis so future generations can always rely on trees to meet basic human needs. Pulp is used as the absorbent core in products like baby diapers so the connection to our business, along with our volunteer efforts, is a perfect fit.

This mix of volunteering, corporate giving and a tie-in to products that come from the forest is just one example of how our company and our employees’ contributions enhance the quality of life in our communities.


Meeting basic needs story phtoto.jpg