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Case Study: Volunteer Earns Grant

Volunteer of the Quarter recipient and Weyerhaeuser employee Dereck Warren is the kind of guy who gives you faith in people while also making you wonder if you’re trying hard enough.

He’s a diligent worker who’s earned the respect of his boss. He’s a volunteer firefighter. He serves as president of his local Chamber of Commerce in Broken Bow, Oklahoma. He volunteers with the Oklahoma chapter of the Ouachita Society of American Foresters. He’s chairman of the forestry competition for the annual Owa-Chito Festival of the Forest (an event Weyerhaeuser has long supported). He’s leading the effort to restore the educational “Tree Trail” at the Forest Heritage Center outside Broken Bow.

Hired out of college 10 years ago as a professional-development candidate, Dereck is a production forester in our Oklahoma timberlands. He and his colleagues work to get our land back into production after harvesting with site prep, tree planting, grass control, precommercial thinning and more.

“I think I was destined to be a forester because I like it so much,” Dereck says. “We work hard, but when I’m in the woods with other foresters I’m just doing something I enjoy.”

“Dereck is completely dependable and dedicated,” says Rick Harder, Oklahoma area manager who nominated Dereck for the volunteer award.

It’s that same desire to serve that motivates Dereck to work with the chamber, the forestry festival, his professional organization — and everything else.

As a recipient of our Volunteer of the Quarter Award, Dereck received a $1,000 grant award to designate to the charity of his choice.


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