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"If you are looking to purchase acreage that is zoned forestry in western Oregon and want to build a home then it is very important to understand if the property is buildable through the “template test”.  What is the “template test”?  Simply put, it is a process which typically uses a 160-acre square centered over your property in which that square touches a specific number of tax parcels and residential dwellings created or built before January 1, 1993.  The standard “template test” for most counties in western Oregon is 11 lots and 3 residential dwellings.
“Template tests” are just part of the process to build a home on forestry zoned acreage in western Oregon and each county may have other additional requirements.  However, the “template test” is one of the chief requirements that all counties are going to require you to pass to start the process of being able to build a home on rural acreage.
For more information on template tests and land for sale in Oregon by WREDCO please contact Bradley Johnson at (253) 924-2122 or bradley.johnson@weyerhaeuser.com.