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The list of contacts below are for legacy Plum Creek businesses. You may also want to visit our home page to learn more about Weyerhaeuser and other ways to contact us.

From seedlings that start a forest to the minerals, construction materials, oil & gas, renewable energy, recreation and wood products that come from them, we're here to help you find what you need. Please use the contact information below to reach us. We'd like to hear from you.


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Industrial Minerals: 770-829-6316

Land Lease Support Team: 855-248-6872

Lumber: 800-345-8916

Medium Density Fiberboard: 800-548-3099 or view MDF Order Information

Oil & Gas: 770-829-6316

Plywood: 800-841-0032

Renewable Energy: 855-248-6872

Seedlings: 866-894-1072

You can also reach the main Weyerhaeuser switchboard by calling 253-924-2345.


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