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LUMIN™ is a sustainable plywood made from plantation-grown pine and eucalyptus trees. Lumin is lightweight, flat and strong. Available in six grades and a pine or eucalyptus face, it’s an ideal choice for builders and manufacturers looking for an environmentally friendly product with beautiful appearance.

Located outside the small town of Tacuarembó in the north central region of Uruguay, our Weyerhaeuser Productos SA plywood mill operates in a diverse landscape of forest, agriculture, and grazing lands. The mill includes a biomass energy plant and seedling nursery, and has twice been recognized as “Projects of National Interest” in Uruguay.

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LUMIN is used locally and exported to Asia, Europe, Latin America, Oceania and the United States. We process 500,000 tons of wood a year and use virtually 100% of each log. Timber is used to make plywood panels and wood residuals are turned into fuel for the conditioning and drying processes. We do this on a sustainable basis by planting millions of seedlings a year, always planting more than we harvest.

This approach allows us to meet a worldwide demand for plywood using highly productive forestland, while retaining more carbon than previous land uses. LUMIN is a product based on more than 100 years of forestry expertise — learn more about our Lumin sustainability story.

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