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On March 1, 2016, Weyerhaeuser Productos S.A. won the U.S. Secretary of State's Award for Corporate Excellence in Environmental Sustainability. Learn more about how we won the award.

Worldwide, we manage more than 27 million acres of forests and have the responsibility of protecting their long-term viability. We agree with a vision emerging among governments and nongovernmental organizations that the best way to sustain forest resources globally is through a balance of three approaches:

  • Protect one category of forests for biological diversity, recreation, and other social and environmental values.
  • Manage another category intensively to produce as much wood and fiber as possible while protecting the environment.
  • Manage a third category less intensively to maintain more natural qualities, to meet global needs for wood and to sustain local communities.

We manage our land in compliance with nationally and internationally recognized certification standards for environmental management systems. In fact, Weyerhaeuser forestlands in Uruguay have become the model for the developing national standard of sustainable forestry programs.

One example is our Weyerhaeuser Productos SA plywood mill. It processes about 500,000 tons of wood fiber a year and uses virtually 100 percent of each log. The wood fiber is made into plywood and residuals are used as bioenergy for the conditioning and drying processes.