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To be a truly great company, Weyerhaeuser must also be a great place to work. Our strong values form a solid foundation, but we believe talented people expect much more than that from their workplace. Our people also want to be part of a winning team where they can make a difference every day, get rewarded for results and have plenty of opportunities to grow throughout their careers.


To build a sustainable workforce, we must develop a strong bench of leaders, at all levels, who can deliver extraordinary business results. We expect our leaders to: 

  • Shape winning strategies 
  • Drive change 
  • Inspire for execution 
  • Build partnerships 
  • Develop tomorrow’s team 
  • Deliver results

Our goal is to always have an appropriate number of internal ready-now candidates for critical leadership positions. To help meet this goal, we have significantly accelerated people development across the company to ensure our talent pipeline is strong. Our senior management team regularly evaluates high-potential talent at various levels of the organization, and each of our teams set clear people development goals every year.

In 2015, we made significant progress to build our leadership pipeline, and we rated ourselves "on track" against our internal targets.


As workforce demographics in North America continue to shift, it's critical to our long-term success that we excel at attracting and retaining diverse talent to help us deliver on our commitments to customers and shareholders. We strive to do this by:

  • Never compromising our company values. 
  • Rewarding results that help us achieve our company vision.
  • Providing regular candid and constructive feedback on performance.
  • Ensuring employees have the tools they need to be successful.
  • Providing strategic training and professional development opportunities to employees at all levels.
  • Providing opportunities for growth through stretch assignments and cross-business exposure. 
  • Providing a competitive pay and benefits package.

In 2015, our recruiting activity was strong, with 1,209 hires (both new hires and rehires), and our retention rate was 94 percent.

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We periodically measure the overall effectiveness of our work environment via employee surveys. All employees have the opportunity to give honest feedback on questions about safety, training, ethics, work-team effectiveness, leadership effectiveness, company strategy and overall satisfaction with Weyerhaeuser. In our last survey, our results showed we're maintaining or improving in all the categories we measure. We also conduct spot surveys with select groups of employees to gather feedback and understand how employees feel about particular changes or situations.

We believe the value of engagement surveys is captured largely at the team level, with leaders and employees working together to implement action plans for improvement in specific areas. All our business and functional leaders are held accountable for identifying areas of strength and opportunity as well as implementing action plans to close gaps.

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