Decades of scientific research has helped start some of the most productive working forests in the world, now available to you. With Weyerhaeuser seed and seedlings, you can expect much higher yield and value from your timber harvest, all from naturally cross-pollinated, well-adapted seeds.

Wholesale and retail availability and ordering at our nurseries in Aurora, Oregon, and Rochester, Washington, are based on quantity:


For our wholesale customers, our seed and seedlings are available at a discount.

2021 Annual Seedling Public Sale (Aurora, Oregon)

We generally host two seedling public sales each year, one at our nursery in Rochester, Washington, and one at our nursery in Aurora, Oregon.

In 2021, the public sale will take place only in Aurora, and with a different approach as we strive to keep our sale as contactless as possible for our employees and customers in accordance with our safety value.