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Satisfying Code for Fire Protection Requirements

TJI® Joists with Flak Jacket® Protection have been discontinued due to recent customer feedback regarding an odor in certain newly constructed homes. This issue is related to a recent formula change to the Flak Jacket coating that included formaldehyde-based resin. This issue is isolated to Flak Jacket product manufactured after Dec. 1, 2016, and does not affect any of the company's other products.

To access Flak Jacket information, please click here.

For alternative ways to meet today’s fire protection codes see below.


TJI Joists with Gypsum

Installing a gypsum membrane to the underside of TJIs meets code requirements for fire protection of floors. This makes TJIs an excellent option for basements that will be finished. TJI joists are engineered for superior performance, and with several joist series and a variety of depths to choose from, a customized floor solution is always possible.

TimberStrand LSL

TimberStrand LSL floor joists with dimensions of 11⁄2" x 91⁄4" or larger satisfy IRC R302.13 fire protection of floors, eliminating the need for additional fire protection. TimberStrand LSL floor joists are available in both 1 1⁄2" and 1 3⁄4" widths, and come in depths matching both sawn lumber and engineered lumber sizes to provide greater flexibility based on project needs. TimberStrand LSL floor joists also have larger allowable hole zones that can accommodate most residential plumbing and wiring needs.

Microllam LVL

Microllam LVL floor joists with dimensions of 1 3⁄4" x 91⁄4" or larger satisfy IRC R302.13 fire protection of floors, eliminating the need for additional fire protection. Microllam LVL floor joists offer superior strength and stiffness, allowing for longer spans without the need for additional fire protection.

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