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Medium Density Fiberboard

Not all panels are alike

When it comes to value, what really counts is not how much the MDF costs, but how much it costs to use. Not all MDF panels are alike and may differ by wood species, fiber size, binders, density and consistency. All of these factors have a significant impact on key elements of your processing costs, including:

  • Cutting-tool life
  • Machine center throughput speed and amp load
  • Machined profile quality as it relates to the need for sanding, filling and other steps prior to finishing
  • Amount/thickness of coating or laminating material required for adequate coverage
  • Defect rates
  • Labor

Value you can trust

We have developed several specialty product formulations, each enhancing the productivity and quality of specific end-use applications. There’s no doubt you’ll find the one to meet your requirements and surpass your expectations.

MDF Specifications

Our fiberboard is prized by woodworkers for its exceptional qualities, including a smooth unblemished surface and homogeneous core.

Read our MDF product specifications

Certified Green Products

We formulate our Glacier Green™ and Glacier Clear™ products to meet a wide range of green and sustainable product standards:

Using Super-Refined MDF2®

To get maximum value from our high-performance fiberboard products, download our MDF Tip Sheet for helpful hints on:

  • Fastening
  • Edge Finishing
  • Finishing
  • Machining
  • Moldings
  • Shelving
  • Proper Care Prior to Use

Detailed industry technical bulletins and information on the general use of MDF and related products also may be obtained from the Composite Panel Association.

Order Status

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Contact MDF Sales

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Product Literature

  • pl-6000 - Weyerhaeuser Ultra-Core™ HDF
  • pl-4001 - Weyerhaeuser LDF, MDF & HDF
  • pl-4000 - Weyerhaeuser Glacier Green™ High Density Machining Grade

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