We’re looking for talented people who share our values, are passionate about achieving excellence, and are driven to act with urgency, be accountable, be innovative and keep things simple. Ranked in the Fortune 500, our company has the business breadth, size and diversity to offer a range of career opportunities in the United States and Canada, including roles in these disciplines:

  • Forestry and Forest Management 
  • Science and Engineering 
  • Manufacturing and Operations 
  • Production and Maintenance 
  • Trades and Skilled Crafts 
  • Safety and Quality 
  • Accounting and Finance 
  • Human Resources 
  • Information Technology 
  • Sales, Marketing and Communications

Our positions either fall into one of our three key business lines or are among the support staff who help ensure all our businesses thrive:


We’re experts in growing, nurturing, harvesting and replanting trees on a continous and fully sustainable cycle. Trees and working forests are remarkable resources that, when managed responsibly, can meet these fundamental needs for people and the planet for generations to come. Our timberlands team is comprised of world-class professionals who understand how to make the most out of our renewable resource — for our investors, customers and communities.


Serving the residential, multi-family and light commercial markets, our wood products businesses manufacture a wide range of structural framing materials and provide seamless building solutions, from design to installation and support. These teams move fast, work smart and never stop pushing to be and stay number one in the industry.


We're one of the largest private landholders in the United States. As stewards of these assets, we maximize the value of every acre — from responsible development and building materials to conservation agreements and mitigation banking. We also provide solutions to the world's energy issues with our commitment to clean, renewable options that meet environmental standards and coexist with sustainable forestry.


Our skilled support teams form strategic partnerships with our businesses to help them innovate and excel in a swiftly changing world. From information technology and finance to human resources, law and marketing, we’re looking for motivated professionals who offer proactive solutions to help make our businesses as successful as possible.