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Premium™ Joist

Premium performance

With Premium™ Joist, you can achieve premium performance while using less wood. Graded to M29 strength specifications, kiln-dried and stamped KD 15, and produced with #1BTR wane rules, Premium™ Joist delivers streamlined floor and roof designs and installations. Reduce your joist depths or increase your spacings while increasing the performance of your roofs and floors.

For mill-direct, truckload or rail car sales inquiries in the U.S. South: 1-800-321-4319

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Product Literature

  • lb-4010 - Specifier’s Guide for Weyerhaeuser Premium Joists
  • lb-4026 - Lumber Spans Quick Reference Card
  • gc-002 - Green Approved Product: Lumber, Framer Series Lumber, Green Stud, Premium Joist
  • env-1000 - When Is The Best Time To Make A House Green?
  • env-lumber - Product Environmental Profile - Softwood Lumber
  • 1504 - Questions and Answers About Mold
  • lb-4009 - Premium Joists
  • lb-4007 - Product Overview: Southern Pine Lumber
  • sds-wood-dust - Wood and Wood Dust, Untreated Lumber, Logs, Chips and Sawdust
  • 1509 - Reducing Mold in the Supply Channel
  • tb-216 - Stacking Gypsum Board on Floor Framing During Construction

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