Our top-quality seedlings are the result of years of leadership in forestry planning, testing and growing. Today’s seedlings come from decades of scientific research and breakthroughs in:

  • "Soft Plug" technology for container root systems to increase growth after planting
  • Processes to prevent seedling root disease, promote cold hardiness and minimize stress and shock from handling
  • Freezer storage techniques to hold seedlings two months or more after lifting

We produce seedlings from a number of different conifer species and are ready to help you increase the return on your investment today.


Over several decades, we measured hundreds of thousands of trees and a small percentage were selected for the best growth. Through grafting, interbreeding and testing, we’ve developed some of the best performing seed in the world today.

Our high-yield Weyerhaeuser Select genetically improved Douglas fir seed is available for sale to reforestation customers in British Columbia, Washington and Western Oregon. None of our seed imates similar to areas to be planted.

Within typical sites found below 2,000' on the west side of the Cascade mountain range, research shows that seed from the best parents tends to produce good-performing stands, even on sites more than 100 miles from the parents' origin. Field trials show you can expect much higher yield and value in your timber harvest, with the amount depending on the quality and intensity of stand management.

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