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We work with local communities to identify strategic economic development opportunities near and around our land holdings. This allows us to realize the full potential value of our land in a win-win relationship with our communities.

We manage the vast majority of our lands as working forests – considering just a small portion of our holdings for development. If we identify land as a potential development project, we work to ensure the planning process is thorough and meets the expectations of a wide range of stakeholders.

We do this through collaborative, public-private dialogue. This process promotes understanding of the assets, needs and preferences of all participants. It’s a means to help define the best way to reach mutual economic opportunity and benefit.

Our current development projects include:

Hawthorne, Florida

A job center in Hawthorne, Florida – with the potential for 4,000 employees – is located on a 1,400-acre rail-served industrial- to mixed-use parcel. This new project has a website coming soon.

Columbia County, Florida

On more than 2,600 acres in North Florida, we’re creating a mixed-use development project zoned for warehouse distribution and logistics, manufacturing, and industrial and office park space. Learn more about the North Florida Mega Industrial Site.

Moosehead Lake Region, Maine

This regional effort permanently conserved over 400,000 acres with access to recreational activities, while accommodating development on less than four-percent of the land supporting the local Moosehead Lake economy. Learn more about Moosehead Lake Maine; it’s “America’s Crown Jewel”.

Tamanend, Louisiana

A planned 848-acre tract, Tamanend provides mixed-use development for business offices, a college campus, town center, multifamily apartments, townhomes, a community recreation center and single family home sites.

Dublin/Laurens County, Georgia

The Heart of Georgia Mega Site is located on Interstate 16 halfway between Atlanta and Savannah. With 25 to 2,000 acres available, easy access to rail, road, sea and air, it provides for large scale warehouse, distribution and manufacturing facilities.

Cowlitz County, Washington

Providing clients an attractive environment as well as modern infrastructure systems, the Longview Mint Farm provides high-capacity power, water, sewer, storm water, communications, sidewalks, regulated CCRs manicured landscaping and beautiful ponds.

If you have questions about development opportunities, please contact us:

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