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Design In Revit with BIM for Weyerhaeuser Wood Products

The Weyerhaeuser BIM Library makes it easier than ever before to build with Weyerhaeuser wood products in your Revit projects. The Weyerhaeuser promise is to bring you value-added solutions that improve performance, safety, and profitability. From builders and dealers to specifiers and homeowners, we offer exceptional product performance and unparalleled support. And with more than 30,000 SKUs from top suppliers and industry-leading delivery performance, you can count on us to get you the products you need.

Weyerhaeuser is fully integrated with the BIMsmith suite of free tools for architects and designers. With BIMsmith Market, you can browse grab-and-go Weyerhaeuser wall systems to drop directly into your Revit project, and with BIMsmith Forge, you can customize your own Revit assembly in the cloud using Weyerhaeuser products. Furthermore, through BIMsmith you have a team of Revit/BIM experts just a click or phone call away if you ever have any questions.

Weyerhaeuser is committing to making the design process fast, easy, and reliable for all of its leading products. Start designing with Weyerhaeuser BIM content today!

Revit/BIM Support

Available Monday Friday 9AM - 5PM CST

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Design with Weyerhaeuser products in our free cloud-based Revit configurator.

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