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We established America's first Tree Farm in 1941. In the 1960s we launched our High Yield Forestry program of seedling nurseries, seed orchards and research facilities. Decades of research and testing has led to some of the best seed and seedlings available in the world today.

Our technical experts will answer your questions, solve problems and provide advice to help improve survival, growth and product value. We'll keep you informed of the latest scientific developments to help reduce your costs and improve success. And we’ll stay connected well beyond planting to ensure your satisfaction with our top-quality seed and seedlings.

About Our Seeds and Seedlings

About Our Seed and Seedlings

Since the 1960s, our scientific research has helped create some of the most successful working forests in the world, available to you today in Weyerhaeuser seed and seedlings.

Christmas Tree Seedlings

Decades of scientific research in popular Christmas tree species provides an advantage to growers nationwide.

Availability and Ordering

Availability and Ordering

Top-quality seedlings available wholesale, retail and at annual public sales.


Planting and Care

Survival and growth of your seedlings depends on proper handling, correct planting methods and after-planting care.

Contact Us

Contact Us

Public sales locations, phone numbers and easy contact.

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