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Our Story

We use our website to provide a comprehensive look at our sustainability practices and priorities, but sometimes you just need a simple summary. These printable documents provide some highlights of our sustainability story from different angles.  

We also share our key sustainability-related activities in our standard quarterly and annual reports and in our ESG (environmental, social and governance) presentations for investors. 

How We Do It Series

We're incredibly proud of the breadth of scientific knowledge and expertise housed within our company —  and in our sector as a whole —  around forestry, wood products and natural resources. Looking for more in-depth background and details about specific topics? These issue briefs are a great starting place. 

ESG Framework Alignment 

Our sustainability reporting is aligned to four key ESG and sustainability frameworks, which each provide a different, helpful way to organize and communicate our performance to different audiences. These documents describe our alignment at a high level, with information in each about where to find more details. 

Being Transparent

We are committed to being transparent about our company’s activities, including political donations, how we approach ethics, and reports from third-party certification programs. 

Downloadable Reports

Our sustainability report is designed to be explored online. We provide downloadable PDFs of our previous reports; these are screen captures of our website and not formatted or optimized as published documents. 

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