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Trus Joist Support

From experts at your local Trus Joist dealer to online resources like software products, self-help articles, a technical blog, mobile app and phone support, we've got you covered. Please choose a resource below that best fits your needs:


Trus Joist products are distributed throughout the United States and Canada. In addition to providing product pricing and availability answers, the familiarity your local Trus Joist dealer or distributor has with local building codes and practices means they can be a good resource for technical support on your project. 

Find your local Trus Joist dealer or distributor


Trus Joist products are backed by an extensive document library of resource material. From specifier guides to code evaluation reports, technical bulletins to promotional fliers, they can all be found in our library.

Visit our document library


For older projects, previous Trus Joist specifier guides can be found using our archived literature library. 

Access archived literature


Our technical experts blog regularly about Trus Joist uses, installations, code requirements and more.

Visit our tech talk blog


Trus Joist products are supported by several software programs, tools and applications. We provide software support for our Forte, Javelin and Stellar programs. Downloads of AutoCAD and Revit details are also available for designers who want to import Trus Joist details onto design drawings.

Software & Learning


Submit a request to our technical support team, access self-help articles addressing installation and design questions, get information about engineering documents and more using our technical support page.

Visit our technical support page


The technical bulletins listed below have been developed to address what, if any, repair is needed for some of the more common issues faced on a jobsite. Using Trus Joist technical bulletins reduces downtime by eliminating the need to communicate the project and damage information back through the supply channel.

Repairs outside the scope of the technical bulletins are still sometimes possible, though some damage is significant enough that the only solution is to replace the product. Large notches, holes outside what is shown in literature and impacts from forklifts are examples of situations where replacement is often necessary. If you have a damaged Trus Joist product on your jobsite not addressed in our technical bulletins and would like us to evaluate it, you can request our help by providing us with the information needed to analyze the damage.

Submit a request

Product Literature

  • ENV-1002 - Terms and Tips for Environmentally Responsible Building
  • tb-101 - Information About Creep
  • tb-817 - Holes Too Close to End Bearing
  • tb-818 - Flange Notches in TJI Joists
  • tb-122 - Regulation of Wood Packaging Material in International Trade
  • TJ-1512 - Best Practices for Product Storage & Handling

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