We are deeply connected to the communities where we operate and have a long history of doing our part to help them thrive. We made our first charitable donation in 1903 and have since provided more than $250 million in grants through our formal giving program, established in 1948. We invest resources in our communities — and society — through direct grants, as well as volunteerism projects, strategic research and partnerships, educational opportunities and ongoing stakeholder engagement.

We donated $5.9 million in charitable grants, in-kind donations and sponsorships in 2021
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Most of our philanthropy is directed through our Weyerhaeuser Giving Fund, which makes cash contributions to community organizations through local grants and supports disaster-relief funding. In addition, all lines of business have a dedicated budget for in-kind donations and sponsorships. In 2021, we donated a total of $5.9 million in charitable grants, in-kind donations and sponsorships to organizations throughout the United States and Canada.

Our employees are passionate about contributing their time, money and expertise to support causes they care about. They are active donors and volunteers in our communities, and we are proud to support their efforts in the following ways:

  • TREE-mendous Matching Gifts: We match eligible employee donations up to $1,500 per person per year, and employees can make donations via payroll deduction anytime during the year to support organizations and causes in their local communities. We periodically launch internal companywide campaigns to encourage employees to participate in the program, and we also offer additional opportunities for employees to earn bonus grants to support their volunteer efforts. In 2021, our employees contributed over 13,200 volunteer hours across 25 states and four provinces, and we awarded 179 grants, totaling $192,200, to the organizations where they volunteered.
  • Paid Time for Disaster Relief: Our Disaster Relief Program provides employees up to 80 hours per year of paid time off to help a Weyerhaeuser location or community affected by a disaster. Employees volunteer with a qualified nonprofit or government agency actively working to assist the affected community. In certain cases, employees may also partner with a qualified organization outside our communities if our company formally declares support for the rebuilding efforts.
  • Annual Recognition Awards: Each year, we recognize four outstanding individual employees or teams with a Weyerhaeuser Volunteer of the Year Award. Recipients receive a $5,000 grant for the organization they support. Learn more about this award and how to nominate a Weyerhaeuser employee in your community today.


Beyond our formal giving and volunteerism programs, we engage, partner with and participate in our communities through a variety of other activities and initiatives, including:

  • Civic Engagement: Many of our employees serve in leadership roles with a variety of local, regional and national organizations, as well as numerous associations related to our industry.
  • Environmental Education: We provide opportunities for hands-on engagement with our forests and operations by offering tours on our lands and operating two learning centers: our Cool Springs Environmental Education Center in North Carolina and our Mount St. Helens Forest Learning Center in Washington. We also donate seedlings to groups in the Puget Sound and surrounding region that share our high standards of environmental responsibility and our appreciation for trees as a renewable resource.
  • Research and Partnerships: We invest in research and partner with organizations to foster scientific collaboration and improvements to our industry and practices — such as a seven-year study we recently supported on the Oregon slender salamander. We are always working to bolster innovation in our sector and have a long track record of leading and supporting cooperative research in forestry, wood products and conservation.
  • Recreational Access: We provide recreational access, primarily through permits and recreational leases, to our lands for people to connect with nature and enjoy all our forests have to offer, from hiking and camping to hunting, fishing and a range of other outdoor adventures and activities.
  • Political Involvement: We encourage eligible employees to participate in the Weyerhaeuser Political Action Committee, which allows us to develop and maintain relationships with elected officials and ensure they understand our collective public policy interests. We fully support our employees’ right to vote, ensuring schedule flexibility so that everyone has time to vote in person (if needed). We are ethical and transparent participants in public policy at all levels of the company.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Our forests are a vast and critical resource, and we are committed to building strong, open and trusting relationships with the many stakeholders who care deeply about what we do. From rural community leaders and national government bodies to customers, investors, employees and many others, learn more about our approach to stakeholder engagement.