We believe trees are a remarkable resource that can and should be managed responsibly to make a range of products that meet human needs. With a world population growing at 70 million people a year, trees offer a sustainable solution for shelter, hygiene, packaging, fabric, plastics and other products you may not expect, while also providing recreation, wildlife habitat, and other important ecosystem benefits. 

For more than a century, we've been taking care of forests to make life better.


Sustainable Forestry

We provide a sustainable supply of raw material for making useful products, while managing forests for other benefits.

Timberlands in Oklahoma

Our Timberlands

We own more than 11 million acres of timberlands in the United States, primarily in the West, South and Northeast. We also collaboratively manage millions more acres of publicly owned land in Canada under long-term licenses.

Seedling Sales

Seedling Sales

Decades of research and testing has led to some of the best seed and seedlings available in the world today. Learn about our seedling sales in the South and West.

Log Sales

Customers count on our experience, from high-quality products to our cost effective infrastructure, to provide reliable delivery of logs. Learn about our log sales in the South and West.