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We appreciate your interest in Weyerhaeuser Premium Seedlings. Please note:

  • Minimum pine purchase is 1,000 seedlings
  • Minimum hardwood purchase is 200 seedlings
  • We do not ship quantities less than 50,000 seedlings

Please use the form below to contact us, or call us directly:

  • Alabama: 800-635-0162
  • Arkansas: 800-221-4898
  • Florida: 800-634-8975
  • Georgia: 800-634-8975
  • Louisiana: 800-221-4898
  • Mississippi: 800-635-0162
  • North Carolina: 800-344-0399
  • Oklahoma: 800-221-4898
  • South Carolina: 800-634-8975
  • Tennessee: 800-635-0162
  • Texas: 800-221-4898
  • Virginia: 800-344-0399


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