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“This is not for us, nor for our children, but for our grandchildren.”

Our company founder, Frederick Weyerhaeuser, spoke these words more than 100 years ago after his groundbreaking purchase of 900,000 acres of timberland in the Pacific Northwest.

He wanted those forests to last generations, and that vision of longevity continues to be core to who we are today.

Over the past decade, we’ve planted more than a billion trees to ensure our timberlands continue to thrive, and at the same time provide a natural, renewable resource used to make products that make the world a better place. We’ve also set ambitious yet achievable goals to reduce waste, cut water usage, and increase energy efficiency. That’s sustainability, and it’s one of our core values.

But we don’t think about sustainability only in terms of the environment. As a company that’s been around 116 years, we also think about it in terms of all the steps we take to ensure Weyerhaeuser’s continued success well into the next century. Those steps encompass everything from how we manage our bottom line and drive operational excellence, to how we deliver the most value from every acre and develop the next generation of company leaders who share our commitment to sustainable practices.

One significant step we took in 2016 was our merger with Plum Creek. Together, we now own and sustainably manage more than 13 million acres of timberland primarily in the U.S. We also manage timberlands under long-term licenses in Canada. This vast portfolio of working forests provides a renewable source of timber, as well as the benefits of clean water and air, carbon storage, wildlife habitat and recreational opportunities for millions of people. We are excited about the opportunities this merger creates and are committed to being responsible stewards of all the land we own and manage.

Another big change is the move of our corporate headquarters to Seattle. Our new building – with its natural ventilation, all LED-lighting, proximity to public transportation, and extensive use of renewable wood products – embodies our commitment to sustainability. And to validate that commitment, we also are seeking LEED Platinum certification from the U.S. Green Building Council and Green Globes certification from the Green Building Initiative for our new headquarters.

Thank you for your interest in Weyerhaeuser. After you’ve explored our report, please take a few moments to provide your feedback. Your input is a critical part of our sustainability model.

Doyle R. Simons
President and CEO
Weyerhaeuser Company