We know individuals and communities expect companies to help solve some of the world's toughest and most pressing challenges. We agree and we welcome the responsibility. Our 3 by 30 Sustainability Ambitions focus on three areas where we play an important role and can make a meaningful difference by 2030: climate solutions, sustainable homes and rural communities. We know we can’t solve these challenges alone, but our vast forests, land and the essential products we make put us in a unique position to have a tangible and lasting positive impact.

Working to solve 3 by challenges by 2030
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  • Climate Solutions: We recognize that climate change presents an urgent threat to our world and that action is needed now to mitigate its worst impacts. We are committed to proving our forests and wood products can contribute to natural climate change solutions.
  • Sustainable Homes: We recognize that quality, affordable housing is in short supply in communities across North America. We are committed to enabling the development and adoption of innovative wood products for a variety of built environments so that everyone has access to a quality, sustainable home.
  • Rural Communities: We recognize that barriers to economic and social prosperity can be difficult to overcome in rural communities across North America. We are committed to helping drive measurable results that ensure rural communities continue to be great places to live, work and do business.

The first phase of our 3 by 30 Sustainability Ambitions launched in 2020 and focused on defining success, exploring and developing new relationships and key partnerships, and piloting and testing initial ideas and actions. Through the end of Phase 1 in 2022, we made significant progress toward our goals in all three focus areas:


Items “in progress” at the end of Phase 1 were moved into Phase 2; those shown as “not started” were set aside as unnecessary or no longer relevant.

In 2023, we embarked on the second phase of our 3 by 30 Sustainability Ambitions. In this phase, which runs through 2025, we are focused on strategic, critical actions, partnerships and investments. By 2030, we will demonstrate real, measurable impact. Along the way, we will continue reporting key accomplishments for each Sustainability Ambition semiannually.



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