We recognize that citizens expect businesses to do more than provide jobs, pay taxes, operate ethically and minimize environmental impact. More and more, people are looking to the business world to help solve some of the world’s toughest challenges. We agree, and to demonstrate we take this responsibility seriously, we’ve identified three positive impact areas where we believe we can make a difference over the next 10 years.  

  • First, we know our forests and wood products have an important role to play in mitigating climate change by absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere and storing carbon in wood.  
  • Second, our wood products can also help meet the growing need for affordable and sustainable housing in communities all over the world.  
  • Third, because of where we operate, we have a powerful opportunity to help rural communities across North America remain thriving places to live and work.  

These are our 3 by 30 Sustainability Ambitions — three big challenges facing the world that our company can help solve, and our commitment is to make tangible progress in each area by 2030. We know we can’t solve these challenges alone, but we also know our vast forests and the essential products we make put us in a unique position to move the dial and make a real difference.